Can I order as a private person at Subolab?
We are happy to serve our private customers, when the articles are not dangerous goods or no hazardous materials.

What do I need to submit to be able to buy chemicals?
Depending on the hazards of the substance, we need a proof of age, a business license, possibly a completed end-use as well as any evidence of expert knowledge according to § 5 of Chemicals banned Regulation.

How long does delivery take?
When stored articles, the delivery takes place on the same Day before 12 a.m, with non-overlapping products we depend on the delivery times from our Suppliers and take generally 4 – 5 Days.

I need a chemical, but I can’t find it in the Online Shop?
No problem, we are specialize in the procurement of chemicals and don’t say ‘No’ to any request, our professional team will help with your request, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I need a bigger / smaller container than in the online shop advertised?
No problem, we fill for you up, just ask us.

I need a product / multiple products constantly, can I have a special price?
If you need a product regularly, than let us know, when we have a certain plan about the quantity needed, we can handle a special Price.

How much are the Shipping costs?
Free Shipping – For an Order over net 150, – € and a Package between 0-50 Kg.
9.90 Euro for Packages between 0 – 50 Kg
55.00 Euro for Packages between 50-800 kg are subject Euro Pallets

Should the Delivery contain dangerous chemicals, we have to charge a hazardous surcharge of 5.00 Euro.

What is the price position?
As far as prices are mentioned, there are net prices plus VAT. Prices are valid in the adoption of packaging. Placing an order for partial quantities all packaging be delivered or calculated corresponding surcharges. Delivery is ex works, unless otherwise agreed.

Is there a minimum order?
A minimum order value does not exist.



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Reetzstr. 79
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Fon: +49 (0)7240 / 9445836
Fax: +49 (0)7240/ 9445835

E-Mail: info@subolab.de